Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Swap Info

Thanks to my Sweet Goodness Swap partner Amy's lovely inspiration, I thought I'd make a little post to help her, and any future swap partners, figure out something about me. For the rest of you, I guess it'll just be worth a laugh. ;)

Favorite colors: RED. And pretty much anything else, as long as it doesn't look like it belongs on an episode of Golden Girls.

Interests (non-crafty): I've taught elementary school for the past five years, and I'm turning into (magic wand waving) an elementary curriculum person, so I care a lot about little kids. I care a WHOLE lot about what & how they read & write, so I could practically open a children's book library/bookstore (and that bookstore is a secret aspiration). I lived in Paris for a year during college, so I'm fairly obsessed with French stuff, and I went to college in New Orleans, which is definitely my second home. It is by the grace of God that I do not weigh 4,724 pounds, because I spent much of my time in both cities sleuthing out great restaurants. Please call before you go for advice, or else I will be angry. ;) I secretly think I should have been this age in about 1950, since I'd kill for that kind of wardrobe & kitchen, and to have people think I was just your average girl, but really be gunning for massive social change. (bwhahahah)

Interests (crafty): The whole thing started with scrapbooking (specifically our wedding pictures, not that I'm done with that yet), and then making some cute little hand-sewing projects, and then .... Let's just say I'm relearning to crochet, getting rather decent at sewing, and still loving to scrapbook. If it's older than my mother (fabric, paper, whatever), I'll probably love it. Just like I love my mom.

Our family: is my husband, me, and a black cat that showed up at our old house one day shortly before we left for our delayed honeymoon. We came back, and the cat was still there, so now she's ours. We are trying to raise her to be a dog, and some days she's better at that than others. We are in the process of moving into Atlanta, and we will have a new house soon.

Phew. I'm sure I've forgotten something, but that's part of the fun, now, isn't it? :)


Malady said...

Sounds like you and I kindred spirits! (except I would swap Mexico and Italy for France) I have a dream to open a children's book or rare bookstore. I currently work in an academic library but I used to work in a public library and did preschool and baby storytimes as well as other children's programming. POSSESSION is one of my top five favorite books of all time! And I just love love love "Amelie!" I would secretly love to be a '50s housewife with the wonderful clothes and the cute aprons! Oh and I just got married last July and am WAY behind on my wedding scrapbook.

Looking forward to swapping with you!!


Lennye said...

Dear Me ---- I feel old when I read your blog! I too should have been a librarian or media specialist! Dan and I have always wanted to open a bookstore!! We went to The Bookseller (independent store) in Ardmore and loved it. Bought a book on Ardmore history, then helped Brenda spend a $100.

I have started contemplating the idea of scrapbooking. Melissa will need a friend next year, and I will need a new hobby besides drinking!!!! (My new favorite is a Mojito)

I don't know about 50's clothes, but I do want a 50's style Sears Craftsman house. I love the porch. There are lots of them in Oklahoma! (I must stop mentioning Oklahoma before M. gets mad:))

Monkey said...

Dude! I can't wait for you to get the pics up from today! That's gonna be too funny! Need the little "verbal" captions to go with them! Happy Birthday once again!

Jane said...

Having fun reading your blog. I found you from the Sweet Goodness Swaps. It's so great to get to know other bloggers who share your interests! I too have revived a lot of crafty skills since blogging! It has been fun!