Thursday, June 7, 2007

Randomness from Today

1) The realization that if I can't wear the shoes to teach, I can't wear them to my new job. Although I don't do NEARLY as much standing as I did in the classroom, I do quite a bit more walking (mostly to and from the elevator and my parking spot.) Now that I have blistered every inch of my left foot, I think I am about to learn my lesson. There is a chance, though, that once these heal & callus, I'll be able to wear CUTE SHOES. Hmmm....

2) My friend Peter can't spell "forty." He spelled it "fourty." On a check. That I have to take to the bank. Yes, they're going to give him a Ph. D. Thank goodness it's in Economics, not Rhetoric.

3) My "department" has a groovy view of the capitol from above. It's a better view than the State Superintendent has, although it gets WAY more sun.

4) My "Bundle of the Month" from Kyoto Kimono arrived today. Some gorgeous vintage stuff that will become a pincushion very soon, and some other things soonish. Get excited, people.

5) I am very glad I have my new job. :)


Monkey said...

Open invitation to come see the floors anytime, just give us a holla! :)Julie is having the body shop take a look at her truck today, I've done some reading and discussion question writing for her Lit. class and am just chilling in the "cave" while the floor guys continue working. Are you already off work for the day?

Lennye said...

I missed out! What day did you start work? Also, when are you moving? I don't know that I can handle not having you on the hall!! Freda is learning a lot at the Unitedstreaming conference. Said something yesterday about children making videos next year!!!!

Monkey said...

Dude! I know you know Brinkley's name...I thought it was funny like you picked it on purpose---we do call him Duke to be funny sometimes (like the dog on the baked beans commercials) Fox 5 and Hgtv for fav channels...House comes on Fox and a bunch of other fav. shows. Totally would be a professional organizer if I knew I could make a great living from it...owning a dog daycare is right up there with it! Dog walking, ugh! Would get too sweaty! :)