Monday, July 16, 2007

this one's for lennye

I'm alive. We're moved (mostly). Our stuff is not unpacked. I had a great time in Tennessee with the Tulane crowd, and I managed to send my package to Amy for the Sweet Goodness Swap. That is all I have accomplished. Mad props to Ryan for attempting to accomplish slightly bigger goals.

Lennye, Freda, & I are all reviewing CRCT items this week. It is unbelievably fun. Seriously.

More later.


Anonymous said...

SHE LIVES!! I was beginning to wonder if a big piece of something fell on you and killed you! I am glad you are mostly moved and stuff! I heard you have some good pizza up there in Grant Park, can't wait to try it...later of course! Kinsley

Malady said...

Congrats on your move! I can't believe you sent my package in the middle of all of that! By the way, I really love it! Everything was so great!


Lennye said...

Thank you for the personal post!!! I had a great time review CRCT items!! Seeing you everyday was just a bright spot in the day! I can't believe how much better I understand the process now!

Lennye said...

I went back and looked on web at the Swap web page. What cute stuff! It let's you look at the pictures of stuff sent. I absolutely loved the apron. Do you have to make what you swap or can it be bought? I noticed a color swap, etc.