Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Summertime (dedicated to Caro)

Boo hiss on this astronomical definition of summer starting in mid-June. If you live where I've (almost) always lived, summer starts when the weather gets hot. That means summer has started. Summer in the city is fun - *contrary to what the song would have you believe - because people get nice & chatty all of a sudden.

I have studied this effect in a number of cities, and it's definitely true for the beginning of the season. Sure, the glow wears off by August, but the first few hot days make people talk to you! It's so true that it appears in Bridget Jones's Diary - and if it's in Bridget, by golly, it's true. (Ask any girl from my immediate generation. They'll agree.) Like Bridget, I've actually witnessed this phenomenon in London. I was there on a little railroad-induced layover before I went to see the Feather in Oxford, and my friend Julia & I sat in Hyde Park and laughed at all of the very pale English people looking in a dazed, squinty sort of way at the blue sky and smiling. (Apologies to Helen Fielding, because I don't know where my copy of the book is, and I have a suspicion that I stole most of that line from her.)

In other news, our hibiscus is blooming. It was prey for some very nasty insects at the end of last summer, and we were afraid it was done for. Fortunately, thanks to some very potent organic plant treatment, it has made a full recovery. I'll get a decent picture tomorrow so you can be impressed, too.

Finally, as if all of that summer funness just wasn't quite enough for you - there's another Sweet Goodness Swap on the loose. Head on over & sign up speedily if you're interested. Pink lemonade! Parasols! POLKA DOTS!!!

Happy Summer!

PS Did I mention I'm done with my real job for the summer? And now I get to do some projects from the "home office"? Could this be the secret source of my joy?? ;)

*This song is one of the MANY that my very hysterical father sings by scrunching up his entire face, stomping his foot, and mumbling through the verses in order to scream the chorus.


Lennye said...

Isn't life grand! After this horrendeous first chapter is put to bed, I'm going to read something totally frivolous for a day..Finding Salvation at the Dairy Queen...which may mean a field trip with some friends over to Monticello!

Lennye said...

PS. The Feathered Nest is having a give away for the 500th post...get on over and sign up.

K2daK said...

Oh my goodness that was funny stuff!

I am glad you are on vacation too, now...when I can I come up with anyone else who wants to go and go the that wonderful flea market that is around the corner from your house?

Happy crafting!