Friday, June 13, 2008

It's over.

And that is awesome.

VBS 2008 is done, and mostly enjoyed, and did I mention that it's done?

Running that is NOT a job for someone with a, um, JOB. Fortunately, I could "work from home," meaning scramble to finish things at the last minute. If I'd had to go to the office every day, and then go handle it? It wouldn't have happened.



Lennye said...

I forgot about VBS. This has been my first year in 24 years not to go to one or help with one. Congratulations on a job that was done extremely well.

Lennye said...

When you said that 4 was your favorite number at the moment, were you referring to the fact that VBS would be over in 4 days!

jeanetta said...

i have to say that i am estatic that for the first time in 6 maybe 7 years i will not be involvedin VBS. that sounds horrible doesnt it. can we say "burn out". I was in charge of the craft dept and since moving to a new town and joining a huge church i am looking forward to dropping my kids off and running away for a couple of hours. yes i know it all sounds horrible.