Saturday, June 21, 2008


I know you were beginning to think that it didn't exist, but it does! It does! And here's photographic evidence of that. I'd like to point out that even though it's taken me far too long to acknowledge it, the thing is STILL blooming! WOWIE!

It's hard to say why I haven't been writing anything - it's not like I've been nearly as busy as I was last week, but it just hasn't been happening. Weird, huh?

I promise to do better this upcoming week. I have a new swap partner for you to meet, and some peeks at things I'm making for her - woohoo! There is also some patriotic fun on the mantel (I know you won't sleep until you see that), and probably some other stuff I can't even think of right at the moment.

Happy weekend.

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Monkey said...

woo hoo on the hibiscus! you go! It will probably bloom most of the summer like ours...but right now Japanese beetles are attacking everything good in our yard....not the weeds though!! They're getting sprayed soon...the beetles that is!