Sunday, June 15, 2008

Crazy Daddy.

Aren't they cute? That's Daddy & my cousin Abby in August of 2006. She's going to be in second grade in the fall (gasp). Can you tell what she's reading? It's a Christmas story called The Holly & the Ivy, loosely based on the carol. It's L-O-N-G. Abby always wants the LONGEST books in the world read to her, and Daddy always obliges. He usually did the same for us, too. In fact, I remember being in second grade, and more than anything in the world wanting Samantha for Christmas. He would come home from work, let me crawl in his lap, and look at the catalog (remember those from back in the Dark Ages) with me forever. This picture reminds me of that.
I feel obligated to add that the American Girl dolls were once wonderful, historically accurate playthings. Ever since the original creator of the dolls sold her company to Mattel, I've been nothing but displeased. They were always expensive, but they were very high in quality and integrity. Now, it's just an excuse to waste a lot of money on plastic, and the historical authenticity has gone out of the window. If I should ever have daughters, they will play with my dolls, but we won't be supporting the consumer nightmare that the American Girl concept has become. Thank you - rant over. :)

Happy Father's Day. :)


Lennye said...

How sweet is that! You need to join me in the writing challenges over at This story would be a perfect Memoir Monday story.

Question: Did you get the Samantha doll? You can guess how old I am when I tell you that besides Barbie; the one doll I can remember is when they came out with Chatty Cathy!

Monkey said...

Your dad seems like one of those nice dads that I only ever saw on t.v...nice and sweet. My dad only believes in tough love apparently. My dad needs to get lessons from yours.

Jean Knee said...

awww, cute father.

one year at Christmas my niece insisted she only wanted American Girl doll stuff. We were on a budget and could only afford the calendar which she promptly threw over her head and said, "is that all?"

Monkey said...

Bean said to tell you that your daddy has the same hair cut her daddy had! :) :) and as an extra side note----you always trip me out with that consumer hater protester woman in you...I can SO see you holding a picket sign.