Thursday, December 6, 2012

Clara turns one!


Clara turned one on October 15th.  It's pretty hard to believe.  She started walking at 10.5 months, and hasn't looked back.  She's a lot more adventurous than Bethany was at one, so our lives are a lot more exciting. :) Here she is on the actual birthday, tearing into her presents from my Aunt Paula & Uncle David in Indiana.

She was very good at tearing the paper.  This was not surprising, as destruction is one of her spiritual gifts.

We celebrated Miss Clara's first birthday with family and friends here at our house the Saturday after her birthday.  She had a blast, and really enjoyed seeing everyone.  Through some genetic craziness I hadn't fully considered beforehand, it turns out our friends have a LOT of 5-7 year old boys, so I ended up sending everyone outside to play.  :)

We ate pizza, and then the birthday girl blew out her candle in a dish of ice cream.  Clara doesn't really like cake (horrors!) (how is she my child?), so we had make-your-own ice cream sundaes instead.  These were, not surprisingly, a hit with the aforementioned 5-7 year old boys.

As usual, my camera died halfway through the party, so I'll add more pictures when I get them from a friend who jumped in and saved the day!

Clara at one:

*Favorite book:  Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?  She will actually pitch a fit if she doesn't get this before bed, and can sing the first two pages in her own special language.
*Favorite food:  pasta  (no surprises there)
*Favorite game:  trying to run as fast as Bethany

Unlike Bethany, Clara loves milk in a cup, and will actually ask for it.  She also loves to play outside, and will walk to the front door and point to it when she wants to go out.  When she wants to do something someone else is doing (especially if it involves climbing or eating), she points to herself quite emphatically and says "eee, eee!" 

She is happiest when Bethany is with her, and also loves when Daddy comes home after work.  She runs and jumps into his arms, which is pretty great to see.  She loves to meet people and wave at them, and will even occasionally let non-family members hold her.  She's definitely got opinions of her own, but overall she is very sweet and loving.

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