Thursday, September 13, 2012

Grandma G. G. Turns 90!

We were fortunate to get to celebrate my grandmother's 90th birthday at the beginning of August.  A big family celebration came later in the month in California, but we weren't able to be there.  My grandmother's brother also wasn't able to travel to California, so we all met in Jacksonville to have a smaller party.  Here, you see the birthday girl with the youngest member of the family.

Due to a carseat/stomach virus catastrophe, our first stop was at my cousin Amy's apartment to take advantage of her washing machine.  Naturally, Amy had a tiny guitar for Bethany to play.  They also made a beaded bracelet.  Amy is sort of like a swami for small children.  It's a gift.

Bethany and her new BFF, Amy.

We made a quick run to the beach, so that we could have the opposite temperature experience from our ill-fated February trip.  Yes, it can be too hot to enjoy the beach.

Bethany let Lindsey bury her feet in the sand, then she was pretty much done.  We headed to the pool shortly after this.

This may have been the only point at which Clara wasn't screaming.  She did not like the sun, heat, or sand.  Heaven help me.  How did I get beach-hating children?

Not screaming exactly, but still not happy.  (She also hated the hat.)

Back to Grandma's apartment before the big party.  Here is Clara with the infamous Santa pillow that Uncle Andrew made for Grandma in 7th grade Home Ec.  Why, yes it does remain on display year round.  How did you know?

Grandma G. G. made Bethany her very own tin of chocolate chip cookies, which she did not have to share.  These cookies are amazing, and everyone was a little jealous, particularly cousin Laura, who really only eats two things for dessert - these cookies being one of them.

Grandma did make another tin for everyone else to share, so the hurt feelings got a little better.

Bethany and Aunt Mary Beth - they almost look related.  (HAHAHAHAH.)

Laura & Clara bonding over their love of accessories.

Grandma G. G. and both girls - Clara was overtired by this point, so we don't have a great picture of all three of them.  Next time...

We had Grandma's dinner at the same restaurants where Laura's rehearsal dinner was, and it was just as excellent.  This cake was divine - you can see how impressed Uncle Chet is. :)

Post-dinner gymnastics with Cousin Laura.  (She will kill me for putting this on the Internet. Tee hee.)

The Florida & Georgia cousins with Grandma.  Guess where the height came from?  Hint - not the Blascovich side...

Cousins! Daddy, Aunt Mary Beth, and their cousin Jean!  (I think Aunt MB & Jean could be sisters.)

Grandma and her baby brother Chester.  We were so glad to see him.

Aunt Norine & Uncle Chet after I made them squish together over the furniture.  Not the best photo set up ever.

And one with Nana just for kicks.  The weekend was too short, as these trips always are, but we were glad to be together, celebrate, eat, and share some good stories.

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Beth and Shae said...

Love all the pictures! Looks like a jam packed weekend! We missed you in Cali but hopefully will be able to get together again soon. Any weddings in the works? If not I hear Uncle Ralph wants to host next year!