Thursday, September 13, 2012

Back to School.

Bethany headed back to preschool a few weeks ago. She and Clara wore matching vintage dresses for the occasion.  So far, being in the two year old class has gone quite well. She likes her teachers, and her classmates include some old friends and some new friends.

The school has added a little Spanish class this year, so she goes to that for half an hour a week.  So far, she's not saying too much, but we'll see how that increases as the year goes on.  The teacher is the mother of another little girl in her class, and is a big Bethany fan.  :)

While Bethany is at school, Clara and Mommy are hanging out, running errands, and Mommy is trying to learn to knit.  Another mom from Clara's playgroup is teaching me, and she's light years beyond any teacher I've had in the past.  (This is not my first rodeo with the knitting.)  I've finally learned to purl, so I'm hopeful I'll have a whole washcloth completed by Christmas.  No promises, of course.

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