Tuesday, May 15, 2012


 Nana and Bethany are armed and dangerous with the bunny darts! 

 Clara, on the other hand, is content to hang in the swing.
She'll spend half an hour in there if we let her.

 She's also very good at pushing up. On the bed, and sometimes on the floor, she can lift her entire body, so that only her toes and hands are touching the floor. I'm jealous. She can also sit up!

 We went to the Atlanta History Center's Sheep to Shawl program. Clara spent most of the time hanging out and watching things.

 Bethany enjoyed petting and grooming the animals in the heirloom breeds petting zoo. This is an angora goat, and there's a reason those sweaters are so soft!

 Mommy was particularly fascinated by this long-haired Scottish cow. That's a cow!

 Clara celebrated her six month birthday by eating banana. She liked it fairly well.

 She loves to feed herself.

 You can kind of see her tongue here - it's very pointy. We see a lot of it right now.
Here, she's playing on Daddy's chest. She likes any kind of game that involves bouncing.

 Here's Clara's first time in the high chair. Stokke Tripp Trapp = worth every penny. 
She loves being at the dinner table with all of us.

This is a very poor action shot, but it was supposed to show them both using spoons. Clara is eating avocado, which was also Bethany's favorite at this age. Now, she won't touch it.

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