Thursday, December 6, 2012


Halloween was a big hit this year.  For the first time, Bethany sort of "got it," and was excited to put on a costume and go trick or treating.  Our neighborhood in general is a little nuts at Halloween - we're sort of a destination for folks from all over - but our street is pretty calm.  We decided to just visit a few houses, since it was frigid and we didn't really want a bag full of candy.

Here are the girls eating the traditional macaroni and cheese/hot dog pre-trick or treating dinner. 

Bethany has had enough pictures, obviously.

Costumes were a major issue.  For most of October, Bethany vacillated between being a penguin and a witch.  We had settled on witch, but the week of Halloween, the temperature dropped like crazy.  We actually had to turn on the heat, which is unheard of in Georgia in October.  The witch costume was not very warm at all.  Fortunately, our friends had loaned us the super-warm lion suit last year for our dress-up box.  Bethany loves it, and it wasn't tricky to convince her that she would be warmer and happier as a lion than as a witch.  (And of COURSE lions have purple feet.  Duh.)

Granny found Clara's ladybug costume on clearance, and we just added a turtleneck and leggings.  They both were pretty happy to be dressed up.

We visited about 6 or 7 houses, and Bethany did a great job of saying, "trick or treat," and then, "thank you."  Several people insisted on giving her a handful of candy, which I could have skipped, but she was polite and appreciative, so that was a relief.  When we got home, I taxed her candy, as per Blascovich tradition, and Lindsey was horrified.  :)   Clara did not actively trick or treat, and we did manage to convince the few people who tried to give her candy that she wasn't ready for it yet. 

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