Sunday, May 25, 2008

Show and Tell Sunday - Vintage China

Since I have already gotten in trouble with my own MOTHER for being late with this, I figured I'd better get busy. Also for that reason, I uploaded small pictures, but you can see them in extra-ginormous if you click on them. :)

Without further ado:
One cup & saucer from the set below. I love the little school house, and the fact that the cup has no handle.
This particular collection started with the platter in the middle. I found it at a JUNKY store, and paid $2 or $3 for it. The rest came from Ebay, but I've decided not to go that route any more; it's just not very satisfying. I might do it to finish a set, but that'd be the only reason.

This set came from the Plum Tree, and looks really old. {If Dawn's reading, maybe she remembers?} I have no idea who made it or when it was made; it's entirely unmarked! It has neat little bowls with lips on two sides that apparently serve as cups, since they have matching saucers. This is the stuff that gets carted around to people's houses, since it wasn't very expensive, and people seem to like it.

Here we have the best story. These are Tulane Wedgwood plates! Yes, that's right, YOUR college might have fine china, too! We found them in a way-grungy china shop in Savannah right after our wedding, and they were cheap-for-Wedgwood, but definitely not a steal. I almost only bought a couple (because of the price), but Lindsey encouraged me to go for it. Well, it turns out that was the RIGHT decision, because I can't find these anywhere, for love or money. Seriously - even if I were willing to pay a kabillion dollars, it wouldn't matter - they just don't seem to exist! None even popped up post-Katrina, when folks were bilking us NOLA-lovers left, right, and sideways. It's a mystery, I tell you!
This random collection is all thrifted - the poppy bowl is from Savannah, the left-hand side is all from Value Village (my favorite - can you IMAGINE giving away that Pyrex plate with red & black flowers?????? I found TWO of them!!!!), including the Occupied Japan yellow saucer that set me back a big fat nickel! The little cherub plate came from somewhere else. I'm not normally a cherub girl, but these guys were too cute - see their closeup below.
Hope you enjoyed my showing and telling - thanks to Analise for her sweet blog, and for coordinating all of this china fun!

Happy Memorial Day!


leesiebella said...

Hey Sarah!

Thanks for sharing today, sorry your mom got on to you, that is too funny!!

Have a great weekend!


Stephanie said...

Hi Sarah! Oh, your collection is lovely. And dear, if you ever decide to do away with that little cherub plate, PLEEEEEASE think of me first! I would love to buy it ~ just look at my name ~ Angelic Accents!!

Angelic Accents

Mya said...

Oh, I love that last plate.
Too cute.

Sarah and Jack said...

That first set with the houses is so fun.

Carla said...

That first pattern has such a fun folksy feel. But I love the blue and white--a real passion for me. Interesting that Tulane had its own china and how wonderful that you own some!

Cami said...

I fancy your yellow plate that set you back a big fat nickel! Yellow makes me happy. And is so rare in china. Fun post!

Rosalyn-Sue said...

Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog. So very excited to find another crafty blogger in my area. I'm in East Cobb/Marietta staying with my parents while hubby is deployed overseas. Where in ATL are you? LOVE the poppy plate from Savannah. We visit there a few times a month -- I have the perfect shopping/touring/eating route picked out :) Looking forward to hearing from you.



jeanetta said...

i love everything in that picture with the yellow dish. absolutely gbeautiful. makes me want to run out thrifting like mad. said...

That plate would make me a cherub girl too!

Heidi ( said...

I love all your china pictures, as well as the stories behind them! I love plates and saucers and have a mish-mash collection of them as well! Very pretty cherub plate!