Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ode to way-too-dark pictures.

One day, I will once again become smart, and take pictures in the afternoon to avoid these issues. I wanted y'all to see the cool journal that Geri made for me as part of our swap. It has a neat vintage French graphic on the cover. Also, you should know that those stripes on the side? Yeah, that's not the pattern on the paper. SHE CUT THOSE OUT AND GLUED THEM ON. As someone whose "scissoring" never got up to snuff, I'm seriously impressed.
This is what I'm using it for - cutting out all those magazine pictures that I want to keep. It's already eliminated about a foot worth of old magazines! And I haven't really even gotten rolling!

Other updates? Work stinks. Visited the EAV farmer's market, where we bought really yummy bread, arugula, a whole bunch of green stuff for Lindsey, and ordered some strawberries for next week. House moderately clean, but laundry disastrous. Can't win them all, it turns out. Also turns out that the end of the school year is crazy even if you're not in the classroom.

Happy Thursday.

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K2daK said...

I had to enlarge the pictures to see them good, man that was a lot of work!!! I am impressed!