Friday, May 16, 2008

A delightful change of pace.

You may remember way back in the day when I made a dishtowel bag for Barb's Purse Project.

Well, I haven't exactly kept up with the challenges, um, at all. Mostly because of work, but also just because I haven't. So, I've decided to take Barb up on her current challenge: the tshirt bag. I've seen these on Etsy, and on trendsters here in Atlanta. We certainly have PLENTY of tshirts in this house. In fact, I got a free one just this week that I will never ever wear. It is a putrid shade of yellow. Might as well give it away or make something else out of it!

Anyway, you should all go check out the contest - Monkey will love the prize - and then start sewing. In fact, I think you could do this without sewing, if you were willing to tie a whole bunch of knots or something. Tshirts don't unravel...

Happy weekend!

1 comment:

Monkey said...

The t-shirt bag is a nifty idea...esp. with a threadless t-shirt as a prize!