Monday, April 28, 2008

Enjoyed all of the bad stuff.

Found this awesome book/concept somewhere in blogland, so naturally, I had to head to the bookstore and order it. Then, I had to buy this awesome song on ITunes. The last thing I bought on ITunes didn't impress Lindsey, but this did, so I think we're back to even. Maybe.

So here's your challenge for the week: six word memoirs. GO!!!! We're counting this as a 5 thingies post, even if it's really 5+1.

PS Apologies to Geri, fabulous Paris Swap partner, as there are no pictures yet of her stupendous treats. However, I will remedy this soon, I promise.


Monkey said...

You know I haven't done the five things in a while because it seemed like I was playing a game all by myself. Maybe I need to start that back up, so that I can erase the dry erase writings off my bathroom mirror! :) I really like this 'challenge' and will ponder this in the tub, my late night bath because of getting back from Kerry's house late!
I loved the youtube video!! I'm all about small phrases, etc...with photos.

Natalie said...

Um....what does 'six word memoirs' mean? If I can't get a tutorial it will truly be a 'challenge' for me. (Granted, I just spent 45 minutes in a dark room rocking a 2 year old to sleep, so things are a little fuzzy for me right now...)

Sarah B. B. said...

It means exactly what it says: write your memoir in six words. (I'm guessing you didn't watch the video yet...) :) It's fun!