Thursday, April 17, 2008

Things I'll be doing soon.

Friends, I'm going to make one of these. Maybe not today, and maybe not tomorrow, but soon, and then I'll have it forever. Isn't that exciting?

Do you remember having quote books? They were all the rage in high school. Mine was in a journal my dance teacher gave me, and I suppose it still exists somewhere at the parents' house.

I have some chipboard covers, and old cool stuff that should just get stuck on a page. I like the idea of not permanently binding it, so you can add more pages & doodles & cool stuff. I definitely like cool stuff, particularly if it's old. Having Midwestern roots is usually a good thing, but ever practical, my relatives didn't do things like save every receipt from every purchase they ever made, so I end up having to buy old billing invoices and things like that.

(Funny story - at the big 50th anniversary blast in Florida - my great uncle had the receipt from their honeymoon night - $13 in downtown Chicago at the Conrad Hilton. Isn't that funny?)

(Funny story 2 - our pastor always calls us "friends" in her sermons, which I figured was part of kindler, gentler Methodism, since she's only a bit older than we are. Her husband (also a Methodist minister) preached last Sunday (they traded churches - funny), and he called us "brothers and sisters," which I definitely haven't heard in many moons. I just chalked it up to him being from AlaBAma.)

Tomorrow is Friday. Phew. I hope I make it through.


Lennye said...

I love the quote book. I had to make one in tenth grade and still have it. I also still write down quotes only they are all over the place.

Like you I came home tonight and I am exhausted. I'm very thankful for the weekend. Even though this is going to be a busy one.

Amy said...

I think a quote book is a GREAT idea! I used to jot things down in a mini-spiral but it's not the same as having a fancy chipboard book.

Monkey said...

I still have my quote notebook from high school that I made for fun and a poetry notebook we had to do for an assignment. Quote books are fun.

Jean Knee said...

I do not have a quote book. We had autograph books but of course it's not the same thing.
they look very intriguing