Friday, April 11, 2008

+ & -

Pluses for today:
*My new banner arrived from the Celebrate! banner swap! Mary, my lovely partner, is blogless, but made me a gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous banner, and I will show it to you soon. She also sent some additional goodies. Now, she is being very patient because I am STILL waiting on some supplies to finish her banner. However, if the supplies do not arrive tomorrow (hmpf), I have a contingency plan in place!
*Visit to Charis Books, where I found several books I'd been coveting. (And heavens to Betsy, please don't buy those from Amazon, should I inspire you. And you should know that while I don't agree with everything that bookstore stands for, I do admire (in a big way) their desire to effect change in the world & make our planet & country better. Further, I'd like you to notice my use of "effect" as a verb, which is something I like to do just to show off. Sorry. It's true.)
*Visit to Abbadabba's, in Little 5, where I found two pairs of new summer flip flops on sale WITH tax for less than the price of one new pair BEFORE tax.
*Dinner at La Fonda Latina, where you can get all sorts of yummy things, and because it's a converted gas station (remember Beebo's, Tulane folks?), there is a big door/window that is open while you eat.
*More yardwork completed.
*Visit to yarn/knitting store where I will be taking my first knitting class tomorrow morning (!) to purchase required yarn & needles.
*Discovery of 10,000 Villages store next door to yarn store!

Minuses for tonight:
*TurboTax hates my guts & somehow converted me to the "deluxe" version so they want an obscene amount of money to file my taxes. As if!!!!!!!!
*Now Lindsey must go & get us the old-fashioned PAPER forms (i.e., stone aged materials, practically) so we can still file on time.
*It is pouring rain, so the windows cannot be open & the house somehow got infested with mosquitoes for the maybe 10 minutes we had the windows open.

All in all, today is ending on the plus side, and I am sticking my tongue out at TurboTax for trying to ruin it.

Happy Friday...


Lennye said...

I loved the little store 10,000 Villages. Almost called today around 2:00, I had the distinct feeling that the writing scores were out! Like I can't wait!!! Also, who doesn't love a bookstore. I checked out there ad and saw some pretty interesting stuff. Think I will curl up for a while with Andrew Greeley. I've read way too much research today!

Sarah and Jack said...

We use TaxACT on line, it's cheap and easy.