Monday, February 11, 2008

Random Moments from the Weekend

See all that grey? That was Saturday. Sunday was much prettier - until I got on my plane, whereupon we had a snowstorm. Yes, you can fly in a snowstorm. No, it is not any fun. Trust me.
Caro - looking oh-so-lovely - this is actually the bed. Apparently, when your hotel has a letter of the alphabet for a name, this is what you get. Seriously, though, Lauren was awesome to let us eat up a kabillionty of her hotel points to stay there.

Heather & Lauren - somewhere in Soho - eating gluten-free goodness.

Remnants of said gluten-free goodness - three cupcakes gone. I told them the Mama Lee story about cupcake wrappers, but they were unimpressed. Hmpf.

Caro & I - post cupcake.

Joey, Jason, & some girl. Joey is fabulous, because he hates diamonds, too. (Actually, he's fantastic in general, but you get my point.)


Anonymous said...

That's where you went this weekend??? I thought you just went to the store to get me some more Tussin; no wonder it seemed like a long time. -you know who

Natalie said...

Um, like, did anyone tell Sarah that she could have OTHER friends? That is SO not cool.