Friday, December 28, 2007


Wow, YouTube hates me. Some people (they know who they are) had best really appreciate this gesture, because it's made me want to throw my computer through a window. Now we remember why Sarah normally just links to videos! :) More Christmas spiritishness soon, I promise.


Monkey said...

Aww...did youtube make you have a breakthrough?! :) This just makes my little heart smile, this here video! Those of us who know who we are say "thanks and we're glad your computer survived this moment!" :) Remember I'm OLDER and have more insurance! LOVE YA!
Ruth says she can't wait for the reenactment seeing you play your multi-roles! ;)

Lennye said...

All time classic!

K2daK said...

Love that part in the movie! Good choice!

Jean Knee said...

hee, I had to finally just let Elasticwaistbandlady load a video up for me. I think she nearly threw her computer through my window

but yesssss, you did it