Thursday, December 6, 2007


I found these in the cabinet last night when I was putting away the groceries. Yes, we are opening a Twizzlers store - didn't you hear?

On to the embroidery. This first piece is part of a surprise gift, so you don't get to see very much of it. It came out MUCH better than I anticipated, so there may be more of these in the future.

This is the ornament from the Craft Leftovers kit. I heard Kristin's CraftSanity interview, which sent me right over to her Etsy shop to get this! I love it. Everything is thrifted or reused in some way. The felt is an old sweater! This is almost done, just waiting on some additional blanket stitching, which I can now do myself, whoo-hoo!

This one is going to also have a little stick-figure sort of stable off to the left-hand side, but that involves multiple colors of thread, so it'll probably be this weekend before I'm feeling that patient. It is definitely going to be part of a pillow, as is the mystery embroidery up above. I bought my mom a cute Halloween pillow that inspired these, and we already had the tea-dyed fabric, so it seemed like the obvious choice.

In other news, they have installed a stop sign on our street! Very exciting, since it felt like we were living next to the Atlanta Motor Speedway all the time. Since we've actually already done that once, we weren't really feeling the NASCAR-type love. This sign has ALREADY reduced the unnecessary traffic on our street (which is sort of a cut-through), and really slowed things down. We were hoping for a speed bump, but we'll take the stop sign.

(Once you care about things like this, by the way, you know you are OLD.)

Happy Friday!


Monkey said...

I'd bet money that I know what the mystery thing says and who it's for!

K2daK said...

The Twizzlers? Are they not supposed to be in the house? Those packages would last about a day in this house because Nick LOVES them. I personally can't stand them, no matter the flavor, but Nick loves them all.

Have fun finishing your project.

Sarah B. B. said...

I'm so with you on the twizzler thing. Does Nick drink water through them? Lindsey thinks that's fun. (ick!)

carrie said...

The Twizzlers made me laugh. I just bought a giant bag of Lifesavers thinking we were out. When I put it away, I saw that I had actually just opened a new package! At least they don't expire. =)