Tuesday, December 11, 2007

New residents

We have new residents here at the Little Yellow House. They arrived this afternoon. Unfortunately, like me, they seem to be dressed according to the calendar, not the actual outside weather. While I'm personally grateful that we haven't just had a miserable ice storm, I think the new residents might have preferred that particular phenomenon.

The new residents did come from a home further south, so it's possible that they THOUGHT they'd be more comfortable here. In order to try to improve their condition, I'm going to let them live in this particular wing of the mansion.

It's still anybody's guess whether or not they'll make it. We do appreciate the confidence of the kind souls who directed them this way. ;)

I spent the day at a scintillating math curriculum/school improvement meeting. Definitely one of those days that lets you understand how some people can go & live in cabins in the wilds of Montana. (Not me, personally, but some people.) We had to do a LONG math task, and I was able to recall functional notation (!), solving for functions (!!), and graphing said functions (!!!). You're thinking, "how does she use this in social studies training?" *crickets chirping* *tumbleweed rolling* *blank stares*

Happy Tuesday - weird weather & all...


Monkey said...

Glad the new residents arrived safely...hope they don't melt in this hot December weather.

Jean Knee said...

they will look great with the other residents.

now to solve the dilemma of what to send me for a swap gift: put that button tree in a box and send it on its way. so cute

woww that meeting sounds fun