Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

Maybe someday, I'll get caught up to this point, but if not, at least Halloween gets mentioned. ;)

First up, the annual hot dog/mac and cheese meal.

This year, both girls were witches. Bethany had wanted to be a witch last year, but it didn't happen, so we made sure she got her wish this year. I made their skirts and capes, and the rest of the outfit was random stuff we had.

Here they are before we left to go trick or treating. We just traveled up and down the street, chatted with the neighbors, and collected way more candy than they needed. Fortunately, our closest neighbors gave out popcorn and chips, so little Miss Salty Tooth Clara was in heaven.

 Daddy let them get the hats with wigs. Obviously, this was not a good look, but they had fun with the pretend hair. Clara's clashed with her glasses, but I suppose that just made her look witchier.
 Bethany has been counting down the days to Halloween all week. She woke up last Sunday and asked when it would be Thursday, because Thursday was Halloween. We are a bit afraid she now thinks that Halloween is always on a Thursday. This morning, she was sad for hours because Halloween was over. Naturally, she wants to go trick or treating every night. This is SUCH a change for her, because she used to be too scared to even talk to people, much less get close enough to them to reach for a piece of candy.
 Off we go!
 Action shot. (Bethany's wig is hilarious.)
 Some neighbors had made this little spot for photos (??? dinosaur???), and they bribed Bethany with a huge handful of candy to take this picture. That grin is all about the candy she sees in the lady's hand.
Here's a close-up of this year's jack o'lantern. Bethany drew the face on a sheet of paper, and then helped Daddy recreate it on the pumpkin. It's hard to see here, but the pumpkin itself was covered with bumps. Bethany picked it out BECAUSE of the bumps, of course.
Here she is, creating her design.
And Clara was more than happy to provide moral support during the process.

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