Thursday, January 31, 2013


Clara got her first haircut, courtesy of Nana. (She cuts everyone's hair but Lindsey's. She also cuts her own hair - don't ask me how.)

It was sad for me, of course, but I was determined not to let her go all the way to mullet. I made that mistake with Bethany, and the photographic evidence is hilarious.

Beautiful girl. :)

Uncle Pete came to visit in January while he was home from Singapore. We had a great time, and the girls LOVE him. Our college friend Uncle Dr. T. also moved back to Atlanta, so the three of us had a mini-reunion with amazing food. (Also, Lindsey took the girls to Granny's for the night, so I actually got to sleep after we went to dinner. Amazing.)

We have been writing a lot. Clara is learning to manage a marker. She does not like crayons.

Bethany is learning that symbols stand for things, so she makes these vertical lines to form words. She can read it to you, but the readings aren't always consistent. I believe this was a card for someone.

She has also taught herself to write the letter B. That's it in the corner of the paper. She makes a line, and then adds circles. The number of circles varies. Sometimes it's two (so it actually looks like a B), and sometimes it's twenty. We are just rolling with it for now.

Mommy's new kitchen allows for biscuit making. I am on a quest to find the perfect recipe. I'm close. Bethany loves to roll out her own tiny piece of dough.

Sometimes we dance in the tower. Please note Clara's oven mitt. She loves to wear it, even though it makes her look like a fiddler crab.

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Beth and Shae said...

So fun, and what big helpers you have! I love that your kitchen looks much like the state of mine at any given time of day! Miss you all.