Monday, July 19, 2010

Bethany - Six Months.

Well. I'm late again. Hold the applause. Here's Bethany on her first Memorial Day. She's also celebrated her first Flag Day and her first Fourth of July, but we'll try to keep Ye Olde Blogge in chronological order.
Our little cowgirl had a lot of adventures shortly before she turned six months old. Aside from looking beyond cute in Daddy's hat, she worked hard at starting to eat solid food.
We planned to hold off solids till six months, but she was getting pretty agitated watching us eat, so we went ahead and started letting her have rice cereal. (That's pictured above in the bouncy chair.)
The cereal went pretty well, so she moved on right around the time she turned six months, and we discovered that we have an avocado fiend on our hands. Fortunately, one of those puppies cranks out a LOT of baby food when you freeze it in tiny portions, so she's not eating us out of house and home just yet.
Bethany continues to be a pretty happy baby most of the time. She's sleeping acceptably in her crib, nursing well, and more and more interactive while she plays. Her favorite book right now is a Little Golden Book called Animal Orchestra. It was a very random find at Little Shop of Stories, and we're pretty smitten with how she reacts when we read it to her - she literally lights up. She also lights up after showing off her newest tricks - rolling! We thought she mightnot ever be a roller, since she took so long to do it, but she proved us wrong.
We have survived our first "illness," a very short-lived stomach bug that Bethany basically slept off, and enjoyed lots of visits from friends and family. She heard her first live music at brunch with Aunt Kinsley, and tries to imitate some of our words. Bethany also adopted a new laugh, which involves crinkling her nose. We love it, which makes her do it more. We've started a library habit that goes pretty smoothly, as long as she doesn't have to be silent. Silence is NOT BEB's forte.Personality, on the other hand, we have in spades. :)

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K2daK said...

Agreed, that kid has tons of personality. But really who cares if she isn't silent, she is learning to talk you can't quiet that down! :) AND on that note, I would like some quiet in the car every now and then....but that isn't going to happen until my kids become sullen teens. Oh, the brunch it was entertaining and I do remember my food being very tasty. She did very good!

Chuck says, "Pasem if they are going too slow!"