Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bethany - On Vacation.

We had our first big adventure in June. We traveled with Nana & Grandpa B. to Florida so that Bethany could meet her great-grandmother (Grandma GG) for the first time.
The ride down went fairly smoothly, and we convinced Grandpa B. to take my favorite route - US 23 - rather than the interstate. This ended up being AWESOME when Bethany decided she was starving at about Hour Four. All we had to do was pull over in the Dairy Queen parking lot in Alma, GA. That's Bacon County for those of you who care about such things - there is not much there except the Dairy Queen.
We thanked the DQ on the way home, when we ate lunch there. I may have scandalized the locals by nursing BEB at the table (don't worry - I used the cover), but we escaped without incident. ;)
While in Florida, Bethany got to meet Aunt Mary Beth, Uncle Bob, and her cousins Laura & Amy, as well as Laura's sweet boyfriend Chris. Aunt Mary Beth let her play with a measuring cup that is now her new favorite toy. It's always nice to see family, and we know Bethany will grow up with that as an important part of her life!
She really enjoyed all the attention, as well as watching the World Cup with Daddy & Grandpa.
Here she is clapping for the United States. We won't discuss the outcome of that game. ;)
Bethany also got to visit the ocean, which was hilarious. She was not too sure about the gritty feeling of the sand, and had NO idea what to make of the wide-open horizon, but had some fun splashing her feet in the waves. The water, being the Atlantic, was pretty chilly, but she didn't seem to mind. It was a pretty short trip to the beach, since we were leaving that morning to return home, but I'm glad she got to have the experience.

We can't wait to see everyone again soon!

PS - If you're wondering why the photos are tiny again, I've had multiple uploading headaches, and the small size just works better. You can click on them to enlarge, if you wish.

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K2daK said...

First family vacation! So much fun!