Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bethany - Two Months

Here is our lovely family at two months-ish. We seem to be doing worse at these self-portraits. By the time she's a year old, none of us will be looking at the camera. As you can see, I have not had a haircut since before Bethany was born - it's sort of a Three's Company look, I think.

At her two month check up, Bethany was 12 pounds 3 ounces, and 22.8 inches long. I am not going to quibble with the four medical professionals who were involved in measuring her, but where I come from, we don't measure inches in tenths. If you want tenths, use centimeters. Moving on. She had to get three shots and an oral vaccine. Fortunately, our friend Belen, whose family owns Mi Barrio (best Mexican restaurant on the planet), was able to give them to her. That made Mommy feel better, but Bethany was still underwhelmed.

Bethany still loves to stare at any ceiling fan she can find, and will actually seek them out in new places. Hopefully this will develop into some sort of engineering skill as she gets older, rather than just a freaky hobby. She is learning to grab, and practices most often on Mommy's hair, but will also hold her Sophie giraffe and her crocheted rattle. Other things - not so much.
She smiles a lot, and is trying to talk. We think she tries to match pitch, as well, which is unfortunate, since neither of her parents has perfect pitch. (That last sentence was what we call an understatement.) We need Uncle Dr. T. to move back to Atlanta, and be a musical role model for her. In the meantime, we encourage her to sing and dance. Mommy does this by playing lots of songs about New Orleans & Louisiana (her favorites are "Twist and Shout," "Jambalaya," and "At the Foot of Canal Street"), and dancing around like a complete fool. Daddy does this by playing soothing classical music while reading Beatrix Potter books aloud. If only I were kidding.

We have braved several outings, and she has done well most of the time. Nana and 'Aunt' Shelly have both had the pleasure of hanging out with "that baby" in restaurants, though. She handles church fairly well, probably because she gets to eat during the sermon. Add that to the list of bad habits we'll have to stop eventually.

Bethany says that's enough blathering about her. In fact, she's giving you a visual clue about just what she thinks regarding this post. Too bad, dearie, because up next - we have a snow report!!


cyndirella107 said...

I'm glad that Sophie is getting a lot of love from Bethany. If she does end up going into engineering, I know a good school... Miss you!

Natalie said...

Wow, she is so precious. I love the pictures and the nursery too--looks great! And I spotted the outfit we gave her, glad she was able to wear it at least once! :) She is way too cute. We'll have to arrange another playdate soon so she and Avery can stare and babble at each other.