Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow Report!

Let me just apologize now for the formatting nightmare that is this post. It is so much easier to link to the videos on flickr, but flickr insists on this wackadoodle right-hand alignment thing. GRRRR. Here. Look at the pretty baby. It will make you feel better.
Phew. Now you can watch her on video:

Bethany loved being outside this morning, in our whopping three inches of snow. It has, of course, sent all of Atlanta to a standstill - again. Two actual snows in one winter? And it's not even March? Unheard of! We are fortunate we don't have to go anywhere today, because apparently the roads are icy disasters - again. One day, the city of Atlanta will have an appropriate number of sand trucks. Until then, we're snowed in every time there is any accumulation. There are worse things, I know.

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K2daK said...

I guess I need to check in more often...missed some posts here. Love the snow angel attempt-too cute! Also think it is awesome she is trying to turn pages-that is fun stuff. :) (of course that is from the post below this one)