Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy March!

It never snows in Georgia when it "should," and usually it doesn't even count, but this is fantastic. It started during church, and by the time I drove home, the houses, cars, and the park were covered.

It's like movie snow - you can actually see the great big flakes!!!

(I know I'm entertaining all of you who see this stuff as a nuisance - some of us still think it's pretty cool.)


Lennye said...

Personally, I was transported back 22 years ago to when we moved to Gunnison, Colorado and the snow was always magical to me.

K2daK said...

Your house looks super cute covered in snow!

"I've got a huge faviverr to ask you"

mary beth said...

Your house looks like a doll house in the snow or the cover of a good book. Talk to you soon.

Monkey said...

Very cute pic and fortunately for us, snow is still exciting because we don't have to deal with it daily/monthly non-stop.