Saturday, February 21, 2009

Unfortunately - x 5.

Type the words "Unfortunately (your name)" in Google and see what you get.

In my case:
1) Unfortunately, Sarah took these and many other fascinating facts with her to her grave.
2) Unfortunately Sarah and Aldous have chosen the same place to take their vacation.
3) Unfortunately, Sarah's not telling the truth.
4) Unfortunately, Sarah is unprepared for her attraction to John Churchill, a handsome soldier of much merit and little fortune. (What is that - a latter-day Jane Austen novel?)
5) Unfortunately Sarah cannot understand the thick drawls of many Senators from Alabama, resulting in many unintentional misquotes.

Hysterical? I thought so, too.

{Many thanks to Jenny at Allsorts for the idea.}


Lennye said...


Monkey said...

Unfortunately, Melissa is suffering from a disease known as Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinoses (NCL) more commonly known as “Batten Disease”

Unfortunately, Melissa did not have a matched relative, so she underwent a year of drug therapy in hopes it would cure her illness.

Unfortunately Melissa can't stop thinking of how bad Jerry looks naked, and the relationship is ruined.

Unfortunately, Melissa doesn't have time to look after her own pets because she is training every day.

Unfortunately Melissa is frequently adulterated with other lemon-type aromas like Lemongrass, Lemon or Citronella.

FIRST TWO are NOT so pleasant...others are loco! :) That was fun!

K2daK said...

1. Unfortunately, Kinsley doesn't seem to have figured out that massive illegal immigration is evidence of massive government corruption.

2. Unfortunately, Kinsley turned to the subject of lying one more time before the election.

3. Unfortunately, the argument contained in Kinsley’s column[2] collapses in the face of academic studies and actuarial projections.

4. It is there in the North Sea. But unfortunately -". Kinsley paused.

5. Unfortunately, Kinsley glosses over the technical issues involved in making marriage the equivalent of a Commitment Ceremony.


mary beth said...

Okay, most were mundane but this is inspiring maybe I'll write that book yet!

Unfortunately, Mary Beth got all the creative writing genes in our family, I can 't write worth a plug nickel. :) Good luck with your future writings. ...

Natalie said...


Unfortunately, Natalie defied John's orders to throw the game for Flynn and as a result she was kidnapped by Flynn...

unfortunately, Natalie's voice isn't well-suited for the words she speaks...

Unfortunately, Natalie had no other clothes with her. "I decided to achieve the bath of gasoline!" she wrote...

Unfortunately, Natalie’s unerring ability to stir up secrets often leads her to veer off the beaten path...

I prefer to look at women who are exquisite in their otherworldly beauty. Unfortunately Natalie doesn't fit the bill there either. ...