Monday, January 19, 2009

Shameless bragging.

Why does Lindsey look so excited? Because it's snowing, of course! We had some nice big flakes on Saturday evening - not enough to stick, or even to count, really, but it was (very briefly) exciting. It almost justified the arctic temperatures we've been having.

These were my anniversary gift last week. I know, he's great. And I shouldn't show off like this, but I'm going to, anyway. We celebrated with an oh-so-fancy dinner at Mi Barrio, which is (da-da-da-dum!) reopened after the Lopez family's holiday break to Mexico. Not a moment too soon, might I add.

We've been really working at cleaning up and cleaning out around here, which has made me pretty scarce on the blog. I've also been working on my two swaps for Valentine's Day. Once we get the cleaning done, I think I'll be more than ready for some heartish decorating.

Happy week!

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Julie said...

We have lots of extra snow here. Want some? LOL