Saturday, January 3, 2009


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I will use more of this yarn this year. I mean it!! I decided to use the felted sweater bowl the Motherina bought me for Easter in the way in which it was intended, too.

In the bowl, you can see an unfinished dishtowel (navy), an unfinished scarf (speckled), unfinished knitting practice (green), & really pretty yarn that I know will be something fun - just nothing very large, since I only have that skein.

To help me make this resolution a reality, I've been trolling YouTube for knitting & crochet videos. The best I've found (so far) are from; she's even a Georgia girl, so it's like supporting the local economy or something. It's interesting how many people attempt to hold the camera between their chin & shoulder while attempting to explain what they're doing - let me just tell you, this doesn't work. At all.

Happy weekend!

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Sarah said...

If you're looking for good knitting videos, check out I go there EVERY time I am not sure how to do something. They have videos for just about every skill out there. Good luck!