Sunday, November 25, 2007

Weekly Rundown

-Monday: Archaeology
-Tuesday: Fight with the Georgia Department of Revenue
-Wednesday: Last minute shopping (IKEA!)
-Thursday: Lunch with Lindsey's mom & this fantastic movie (which I will blather on about in a later post, probably)
-Friday: Sweetwater Creek State Park, as suggested by the very astute Monkey & Bean
-Saturday: Up VERY early to hit the major sale at Scrap Chic, followed by fantastic Italian (new find - woohoo!)
-Sunday: Visit from our friend Alan, who's in flight school in Mississippi, church, birthday party, house decorating....

Moral of the story: it felt relaxing to do so much.

Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday - back to the cube in the morning.



Monkey said...

Cool! How'd you guys like the Creek? Did you hike all the way down the Red trail? Very nice photo ops there! :)

K2daK said...

Sounds like fun the whole week. I love Italian so on my next visit (say in Feb.-see how I just invited myself?) I say we go!