Monday, November 19, 2007

Technicolor Trees #1

Technicolor Trees #1
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Directions courtesy of the genius (also a Sarah!) over at the Misadventures of Mama & Jack, these trees are fantastically speedy to create. Melissa had the genius idea of using vinegar & food coloring to make the more vibrant blue & neon green trees. We had a LOT of fun making this little technicolor forest.

Mom, Dr. Erin, & I had a lot of fun at the McDonough Square holiday open house yesterday. There were a LOT of vintage goodies for the taking, but we managed to share the love in a mature fashion. ;) Once mother dearest returns the camera to me after its trip to Virginia, you might even get to see some pictures! You can see pictures from our favorite store here.


Sarah and Jack said...


It was crazy easy, wasn't it?

Monkey said...

I love the trees! Those were too fun to make! I've got my post up about them now too, come see.

jeanetta said...

thats soo aewsome i have to try it. too bad i am away from home right now and cant make a huge crafty mess.

Lennye said...

I love that little shop in McDonough. Why do I not take time to go there? I must go to Covington and visit the new antique mall. It has been there over a year, but I never seem to have time.

K2daK said...

The trees are great! I can't wait to see how you use them in your decorating and the other things you created. I had fun on Saturday night and I am glad I got to talk to you! I am glad you squeezed in some vintage shopping, did you shop at Beth's too?