Tuesday, April 10, 2007

class anxiety

Today, the smallest of the children and I were doing an experiment that explains why the water at the bottom of the pool (lake, whatever) is colder than the water on the top. We put red warm water in a baby food jar, and blue ice cold water in another. Put a card on top of the red jar, flip it over, set it on the blue jar, and slide the card out. AND THE WATER DOES NOT MIX. Fantastic science, they got it, and of course, some water spilled. I grabbed a handful of paper towels to wipe it up, and had a mini-breakdown inside my head, because I could just as easily have used a rag.

So, I am now guilt-ridden because I wasted the paper towels, and added to the landfill unnecessarily. The fact that I am worried about this shows that, clearly, I don't have any real problems in my life.

Haven't made a thing this week. Need to get on that.

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