Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Baglet

Hopefully Feather isn't reading, since her peaceful little bag is actually on its way into existence. Granted, it's not much more than a pocket yet. But it exists! And, naturally, will eventually have a strap and a lining with cool pockets.

Lindsey & I are both on the downward slope of the school year, so things are hellatious. That means that we eat out WAY too often, and are grumpy more than usual. On the upside, the end is now, finally, in sight. Talk to us in June, and we will be the very definition of serenity.

Now, if only my Tulane friends would get their respective acts together and decide where we are to reune this summer, there would be no forseeable stress in my summer. ;)

So, here's to peaceful purses and downhill slopes!

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