Thursday, September 8, 2011

School Girl.

Here we have our sweet girl on her first day of "pre-school."  You can see her happening lunchbox, and she's wearing her backpack.  (Yay for teachers who are willing to work with our cloth diapers!)  The backpack is a duck, but she insists on calling it an owl.  The first day was great, and every day since has been, as well.  She took to it naturally, and apparently likes to help the other children by feeding them and telling them where to sit for snack and lunch.

Here she is this morning.  I am coveting her dress for myself, by the way.  It's finally less than 157 degrees outside, so she gets to look like she's actually going to school, not the beach.  Those little shoes are actually Keds, and are therefore appropriate for P.E.  She visits Coach on Thursday, and loves it.  Her throwing arm is improving rapidly, which is a bit scary.  I had envisioned her as more of a soccer player than a softball player, but we'll see what pans out.

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