Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ye Olde Weekende - thus far

Spent last night with these lovely people at the Chamblee High School homecoming game (obviously, it's a picture from a different event, as even Chamblee does not have statues). Chamblee skunked the opposition, so much so that it almost wasn't worth watching. The company was great, though, which made it worthwhile.

Today we volunteered for the middle school's Quiz Bowl tournament. (We could also call this event Geekfest 2008.) Since this is how I spent many weekends from, oh, 1992-1998, you could perhaps call me one of them. I will contend, though, that I was much better behaved. It is sort of funny to sit in a room full of kids who get mad at themselves for not remembering that the Sudan is the largest country in Africa.

We also achieved one wedding gift and one baby shower gift. I am clearly getting old and cranky, because my new rule is that even IF something appears on your registry, if I think it's junky or overpriced, I'm not buying it! There was an incident earlier this summer where I really had a hard time buying a gift because I thought the person's china patterns were too hideous for words. I think this means two things:
  1. I am a snob, and I should get over myself.
  2. I am a snob, and I should get over myself.
Noah's Ark tomorrow - there should be some quality Roy G Bivishness for Monkey!

Happy weekend!


Lennye said...

Today should be a great day for Noah's Ark. I hope everyone has fun. I also wish I had kids who cared to even know there was a place called the Sudan.

Monkey said...

Noah's Ark has Roygbivishness? I've never been and never knew this. Do they paint the animals rainbow colors or what?!

Jean Knee said...

sometimes you have to save people from their own bad taste. it's a service